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Game Items

Here are some of the game items.

First, the balls:
There are 8 different types of balls. Each ball type has a different behavior. A ball has a 3 seconds lifetime.

Image_____Bonbon: Default ball. Light and bouncy.

Image_____Comet: Heavy and powerful ball, causes more damages.

Image_____Titanium: Heavy ball, with the capacity to break the walls who are indicating a number.

More balls to come later on...

Then the cannons:
There are 8 different types of cannons. Each cannon type has a different hud/behavior, and each new cannon can shoot a new ball type in addition to previous ball types.

Image_____Candy: Default cannon. High restriction range.

Image_____Fantasy: Aiming with 8 arrows. Mid resctriction range.

Image_____Precision: No restriction. Precision Hud. Zoom.

More cannons to come later on...