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Ballistic Bonbon Official Page


Ballistic Bonbon is a Ballistic Shooter/Physics Puzzle Game. It involves aiming and timing skills and is 100% mouse playable!

The main goal is to hit all targets in a level within a given time. Depending on the levels, you either have to avoid some obstacles, to perform some actions, to solve some physics puzzles or to trigger some game mechanics.

In order to learn the controls and what objects do in the game, each level is built in a way to only bring a few novelties at a time, and a contextual help for each level is available at any time ingame.

You shoot at the targets using different cannons and projectiles with all their own behavior and capabilities. Some actions can only be accomplished using a certain ball type. And some ball types can only be shot using a specific cannon.

Currently, the game contains 25 levels.
New levels are planned, introducing new balls and cannons, as well as new game mechanics.

Ballistic Bonbon is available for Windows and is only distributed as a downloadable game.
Download Full Version 25 levels, FREE! The Full Version of the game is only available on this site.

Required Specs
Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8
CPU: Intel or AMD 2Ghz+ Dual Core Processor
Hard Drive: 60MB of free space
Video card: Shader model 2 support.
A 3 buttons mouse with a wheelmouse


Here are a few screenshots:

Click here to see all the screenshots available.

Ballistic Bonbon is made with DX Studio™ game engine. See the announcement thread.