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Version 1.1 Released!

by admin on Tue May 17, 2011 12:09 am

A new version of Ballistic Bonbon is available. It's V1.1.

What's new?

-Easy Mode implemented! It's a new setting available in the Level Selector screen. Just click on the Easy Mode text and you will be able to play with a very generous amount of balls and time, ie 2x amount of each ball type, and 2x amount of time.
-The Key system, which allows you to unlock a level when you have gathered 5 keys, is now more obvious. The text "Key missed" appears at the end of a level when applicable. It appears as well more intuitively in the Level Selector as the text "Unlock a level" instead of "Buy a joker".
-Some minor fixes.

Click here for Free Version 1.1 10 Levels. Free.

Click here for Full Version 1.1 25 Levels. 24.99 Euros.